Global Warming is REAL

Yes, Global Warming is real.  It is a fact.  Who is responsible?  No one on this earth.   Nothing we human beings have done has caused Global Warming.  And the evidence for this is found in the ice of Antarctica.  Scientists have successfully drilled to the bottom of the Ice at Lake Vostok.  We now have 420,000 years of data on Earth’s history.  So we can  compare what is happening now with that 420,000 years of data.

ice core drilling

Lake Vostok

Above is a a radar satellite image of Lake Vostok, the largest of almost 400 such fresh water lakes found 2 miles under the ice in Antarctica.  Lake Vostok is approximately 31 miles wide by 155 miles long.

The infomation gained from the ice cores tells us the real story of Global Warming.  The Ice cores show there is a clear relationship between higher co2 levels and higher temperatures.  In fact, the data shows co2 increases lag higher temperatures by about 800 years.  The data also shows clear 100,000 year cycles.  We know that mankind has contributed to co2 levels at least for the past 150 years, but what about the data showing 100,000 year cycles when mankind was not contributing to co2 levels? As we look at the data shown in the graph below, we must come to the conclusion that global warming is part of a completely natural cycle.

Co2 and temperatures over 420,000 years

The link below will take you to a great scientific report about the data found in the ice cores drilled at Lake Vostok.

Obviously, we cannot legislate a cure for Global Warming since it is a natural cycle, so what should we be doing about it?  Of course, we need to take better care of our Earth.   We should do what we can do to minimize polution.   And we should be educating society about the larger rhythms of nature.  We need to understand Earth’s orbit through space is rhythmic.   The rhythm of heating and cooling of our planet is natural.   There are cycles within cycles and they are based on something that is predictable.  It’s all about Earth’s relationship to the sun, our location in space, Earth’s tilt and wobble and our position relative to the core of the Milkey Way.   All nations should be working together to help nations most affected by Global Warming survive the disasterous affects.  We need to stop pointing fingers at one another, roll up our sleeves, and get real about Earth’s survival.

The next time you hear a politician complaining about who is at fault for global warming, direct him/her to the facts and ask what he/she proposes to do to help those directly affected.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin; “When we gain a better understanding of how natural rhythms affect our climate we are better prepared to do the right thing.”

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