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Focus On What You Want

The following story was told by Gurumayi in her book, Kindle My Heart: “There was a man who did not like his in-laws because he felt they took up more space in the house than they should.  He went to … Continue reading

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Hawaiian psychiatrist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, used an ancient Hawaiian practice,  Ho’oponopono, to cure a ward of criminally insane individuals.  The ward was so difficult to manage, the asylum found it all but  impossible to keep a psychiatrist willing to do the … Continue reading

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The Present Moment is NOW

Sometimes the simplest things in life have the deepest meaning and are rarely understood and appreciated.  The present moment or NOW is one of those principles.  The other day I was speaking with someone I truly love who was going through ‘a refiners … Continue reading

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Your relationship with God is and always has been one of unity, prosperity, abundance, peace, love, and pure joy.  If you cannot see it, your vision is clouded.  As you clear your vision of such things as judgment, worry, guilt, … Continue reading

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New science being reported and published sounds like eco-sci-fi.   A recent report from researchers at the University of Bristol, UK,  states that scientists have discovered that flowers communicate to bees specific information:  “When a bee enters the plant’s electric field, a small electric charge … Continue reading

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Is there a connection between sound, vibrations and physical reality?  Do sound and vibrations have the potential to create?  Below are two sound pictures.  In 1787, a jurist, musician and physicist, Ernst Chladni, published his Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music.  His … Continue reading

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