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Never Overlook The Master Key

I once heard a story of a woman who was attending a motivational training seminar.  After one of the sessions, she had a conversation with the trainer.  She told him that she was very unhappy with her job.  “How can I be … Continue reading

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Give Away What You Want

One of the great spiritual laws is the law of giving.  This law also relates to receiving because as you give you also receive.  Giving and receiving are inseperable.  This means that whatever you want, you must give away.  Think … Continue reading

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It’s What You KNOW That Makes The Diffrence

Can you think of anything more difficult for a young fifteen year old boy than being afflicted with a condition that makes your skin look like alligator hide?  This was the fate of a young British teenager being treated by Dr Moore at the … Continue reading

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Selfish Genes? I Think Not!

Many are convinced that the violence eroding our civilization is unavoidable because violence is encoded in our genes.  The popular belief that people are ruled by DNA and that selfishness, violence and aggression have been programmed into the human hard … Continue reading

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Oh, The Wonderful Things a Cat’s Purr Can Do.

The Department of Animal Care and Control estimates there are hundreds of millions of cats in our world today.  Here in the U.S. there are around 80 million registered cats, making cats by far the most popular domesticated animal.  Its … Continue reading

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