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The Magnificent American Bald Eagle

The American Bald Eagle is nature’s most impressive bird.  This eagle is a symbol of strength and is the Ruler of the Skies.  Native Americans consider the American Bald Eagle to be a symbol of the Great Spirit.  They use eagle feathers in head … Continue reading

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Dr. David Hawkins, a Beautiful Gift to Mankind

  Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., PhD, authored many spiritual books including Power Versus Force, The Eye of the I, Truth Versus Falsehood and I.  The beloved Dr. Hawkins passed on to higher realms in September, 2012.  He deeply inspired me … Continue reading

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You Are Enough

Why don’t we accomplish all we are capable of accomplishing?  We have been given unique talents, many of which are hidden until we push ourselves into new areas of achievement.  It is said that we use only 4 to 10% of our … Continue reading

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