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Blinded by Ego

The other day I was speaking with a young woman who was so blinded by her ego, she could not truly see the world in which she was living. When you and I believe something to be so, our world … Continue reading

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Detachment Opens the Door to Endless Possibilities

  I love gardening.  I love the feeling of groundedness I get from working the Earth.  During the spring and summer Kermit and I spend a lot of time cultivating our gardens.  My back yard neighbors shared our love of gardening and daily spent hours grooming and cultivating their … Continue reading

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Earlynn’s Just Blogging

I have had many requests to write a bit about blogging.  I certainly don’t consider myself an expert, so the things I am writing are based on my experience only.  I am sure a professional would give you different advice, … Continue reading

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Are We Cells is the Body of Humanity?

It has been said that we, all of us, are one and we are but one cell in the body of humanity. So, let’s look at the cells in our body to see what they teach us. 1.  Our cells … Continue reading

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