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Our Sun, Is It Transforming Us?

Above is a close up view of a recent sun spot. We love sunshine!  We bask in it.  Our spirits are lifted by it.  When we see sunshine after a cloudy day, we feel excited – like an old friend has … Continue reading

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It’s Better to be Kind Than Right

I had a conversaton with my neighbor this afternoon.   She was working in her yard when an acquaintance came by on his bike.  He stopped to say “hello” and then asked her what it would take to get her and her family … Continue reading

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That’s Entertainment

To understand the state of human consciousness of any individual, family,community, or country…..look at their forms of entertainment.    By definition entertianment is, “The various ways of amusing people, especially by performing for them.  The act of providing or being provided with amusement or … Continue reading

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Conscious Living

Eckart Tolle writes about the unconscious state of humanity stating; “Most people alternate between unconsciousness and deep unconsciousness.  Presence or the state of NOW is either never experienced or is briefly experienced only accidentally without being recognized for what it is”. … Continue reading

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Family Cruise

Kermit and I just returned from a once in a lifetime vacation and cruise.   The destination was not important, but the time spent with our family… there’s something important.  Thirty seven family members together for ten days was really an incredibly fun … Continue reading

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