Who Are You?

I once heard a story about a philosophy professor who gave a test to his students.  The only question on the test was; “Who Are You?”  The students had thirty minutes to complete their essay.  They were told not to begin until the professor had given his full instructions.  Initially, the Students began to think through the normal biographical information.   The professor then gave instructions that none of the usual terms could be used.  In other words each student was instructed to write a essay about “Who Are You” without using age, gender, birthplace, family, likes, dislikes, talents, ethnicity or name.  They were further instructed that the test would count for the majority of their grade and  failure to to complete the test would result in a failing grade.

Now, I’d like to ask the same of you:  “Who Are You?”  Your answer may not contain age, gender, birthplace, family, likes, dislikes, talents, ethnicity, or name.  The question generates some deep contemplation.  Share with us your answers and I will share your answers with all of you.

For now, Earlynn’s Just Waitin’ to hear from YOU.


About Earlynn

Earlynn is a spunky mother, grandmother and yes, even a great grandmother. I have always been drawn to things spiritual from the time I was very young. Over the years I have read, studied and prayed that God would use me to bring comfort to troubled minds. That is my purpose more than anything else, but along the way I have also lived a very happy life. I love my family....5 children, 5 inlaws, 18 grandkids and four great grandkids. I am a master cake decorator, I love gardening, I am passionate about health and nutrition. I love parties and gatherings of family and friends. I love cooking and at least twice each year I host dinner for 50. I love writing, teaching and public speaking. I love my sweetheart. We met when we were only 10 years old and will soon celebrate our 50th anniversary. Everything I do is centered on my spiritual beliefs and I know love is the answer to all of life's problems. Join me on my web site as we explore many ideas, laugh a little and love a lot.
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3 Responses to Who Are You?

  1. Misty says:

    That is a very good question and very difficult to answer when we identify ourselves by race, religion, job ect… but that is not who we are. I guess my answer would be that I am a spiritual being full of light and love who is on a Spiritual journey to learn new and evolving ways in this lifetime.

  2. Hi, I simply enjoy scrapbooking, its so entertaining!

  3. Troy Sheehan says:

    What an interesting and thought provoking question. I don’t know if anyone can answer that with certainty. I wil give it some though and get back to you. 🙂

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