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Success and Happiness

The story is told of a little kitten chasing his tail around and around and around.  A wise old Tom cat came strolling by one day and asked the kitten why he was so intent on chasing his tail.  The kitten replied … Continue reading

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The Miraculous Power of Your Mind

I am always amazed at the miraculous power of our mind.  Most who study the mind agree we habitually use only a small portion of our brain. But with focus and training we can begin to use a greater portion of … Continue reading

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Vocabulary, Vocabulary, How Many Words Do You Know?

A person may dress very fashionably and present a very good appearence, but the moment he or she begins to speak their level of education  is evident.  A good example of this is depicted in George Bernard Shaw’s musical comedy, … Continue reading

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This Year Let’s Resolve to Keep Ourselves Healthy

I just read an article written by Denis Waitley entitled, Keeping Yourself Healthy.  Mr. Waitley begins with the advice to whistle while you work.  Or in other words do your work with a smile on your face and a song in … Continue reading

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