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Ego Is Like A House of Mirrors

My last blog began a discussion of the ego by identifying some of the ego’s many faces:  self-criticism, complaining, grudges, being right, minutia and ownership.  The ego has many, many faces.  Lets continue to explore some of them. Specialness:  The ego … Continue reading

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Understanding Ego

One of life’s greatest challenges is to learn and understand the nature of our ego.  As beautifully stated by David R Hawkins, M.D., PH.D: “By understanding and accepting the nature of the ego.  It is transcended and finally collapses and disappears … Continue reading

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It’s Better to be Kind Than Right

I had a conversaton with my neighbor this afternoon.   She was working in her yard when an acquaintance came by on his bike.  He stopped to say “hello” and then asked her what it would take to get her and her family … Continue reading

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Well, Friends, another year has come and gone.  2012 was not an ordinary year.  It ended with an extraordinary event that will not repeat for another 25,625 years.  Several of Earth cycles culminated on the date of 12-21-2012, a 5,125 … Continue reading

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