You Are Enough

The Sun sings OM

Why don’t we accomplish all we are capable of accomplishing?  We have been given unique talents, many of which are hidden until we push ourselves into new areas of achievement.  It is said that we use only 4 to 10% of our abilities.  Imagine what would happen if we operated at 10 to 20% of our abilities.  My question remains; “Why don’t we accomplish all we are capable of accomplishing?”

I believe the greatest obstacle to achievement is FEAR:

FEAR of what others think;

FEAR of being embarrassed;

FEAR of looking foolish;

FEAR of our own greatness;

FEAR of not being smart enough or having enough information;

FEAR we do not have enough resources (time and money, etc.);


Fear can be defined as False Evidence Appearing Real.  In other words the FEAR we feel is not real.  The Course in Miracles states every emotion stems from either love or FEAR, and only love is real.  Only love is real and it can never be taken from us or destroyed.  That being the case, what is holding you back from accomplishing your heart’s desire?  Let’s look at these FEARs and determine if they are real.

FEAR of what others think:  Just what do others think?  Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions.  You could enter a room filled with fifty associates, dressed to perfection in the latest fashion with nails perfectly manicured and hair groomed by Vidal Sassoon, yet you would have fifty different responses as to your appearance.  We need to be free of the good opinion of others and be true to our own sense of who we are.

FEAR of being embarrassed:  It is never what happens that gives us grief.  It is the story we tell ourselves about what happened, that brings the grief.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  And part of that human experience is being imperfect.  We are all imperfect and there is something really endearing about watching someone else misstep because we all know we could have done the same thing.   We are human, expect to be embarrassed every once in a while.  Don’t use the experience to beat yourself up, just graciously recognize the misstep, pick yourself up and try again.

FEAR of looking foolish:  There are many different roads all leading to great accomplishments.  What may appear foolish today may be the wave of the future.  Great leaders do not care if others think their ideas are foolish.  They understand that new thoughts take time to be accepted.  Galileo was kept under house arrest for the last years of his life because he said the world was round and would not recount his belief.  Great scientists are now being scorned by main stream science for stating that man is not a descendant of Neanderthals.  Change does not come quickly so if you have strong beliefs that go against the grain, stick to your beliefs.

FEAR of your own greatness;   We do have a fear of our own greatness.  We are afraid our life will change in a way that will make our life difficult.  We fear the dynamics of our friends, or family and our community will be so altered our lives will become difficult and require changes we do not want to make.  We need to assure ourselves that those who truly love us will continue to love us and any changes will come naturally and will benefit all.

FEAR of not being smart enough or not having enough information; we all have much to learn.  You cannot know at the beginning of your journey all that you will know at your journey’s end.  Life is like a puzzle.  Start with the pieces you already have and place them in your experience.  As you travel toward your dream, other pieces will show up when you are ready to understand and accept them.  If you wait for all the pieces before you begin your journey, you will never get where you want to be.  Always advance in the direction of your dream trusting that each step will bring new direction and understanding.

FEAR we do not have enough resources (time and money, etc.);  You may not have all the resources for completion, but you do have enough resources to begin.  As you gain momentum, you will find the time and resources to continue toward your dream.  Take a minute right now to look around your immediate surroundings and mentally list all the things you see that are blue.   Without looking again name them.  How many blue things did you see?  Probably more than you imagined.  Now without taking your eyes off this written page, name everything in your surroundings that is green.  How many GREEN things can you name?  Probably not many.  Why is it you missed seeing all the green things?  It is because you were focused on looking for the color BLUE.  When you advance confidently in the direction of your dream, you will see things you are currently not seeing.  Resources of time and money and whatever you need will show up.  Not because they were not around previously, but because you were not conditioned to look for them.  Everything you need will show up as you continue to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

FEAR WE ARE NOT ENOUGH:   We fear we are not enough.  This the most inhibiting fear of all.  The truth is we are enough.  We are endowed by our Creator with all we need to fulfill our heart’s desires.  God would not have placed in our heart a desire that had no means of accomplishment.  Trust that your heart’s desire wants you as much as you want it.  Undiscovered talents and abilities await you on your journey.   Your deeply held desires are God’s plan for you.  You are a child of God and He has placed in your heart those desires that will bring you the most satisfaction and joy in this human experience.  Always remember God loves you and YOU ARE ENOUGH.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’:  “Be fearless and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Everything you need will be provided along the journey.”

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Earlynn is a spunky mother, grandmother and yes, even a great grandmother. I have always been drawn to things spiritual from the time I was very young. Over the years I have read, studied and prayed that God would use me to bring comfort to troubled minds. That is my purpose more than anything else, but along the way I have also lived a very happy life. I love my family....5 children, 5 inlaws, 18 grandkids and four great grandkids. I am a master cake decorator, I love gardening, I am passionate about health and nutrition. I love parties and gatherings of family and friends. I love cooking and at least twice each year I host dinner for 50. I love writing, teaching and public speaking. I love my sweetheart. We met when we were only 10 years old and will soon celebrate our 50th anniversary. Everything I do is centered on my spiritual beliefs and I know love is the answer to all of life's problems. Join me on my web site as we explore many ideas, laugh a little and love a lot.
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