Dr. David Hawkins, a Beautiful Gift to Mankind

David Hawkins


Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., PhD, authored many spiritual books including Power Versus Force, The Eye of the I, Truth Versus Falsehood and I.  The beloved Dr. Hawkins passed on to higher realms in September, 2012.  He deeply inspired me and touched my soul with his writings.  I loved his quick wit and unabashed psyche.  He was totally unassuming and had no hidden agendas.  As a world renowned psychiatrist his credentials were impeccable and his intellect seemed boundless.  His life stands as a blessing to humankind.

The purposeful design of his lifetime work as stated in his book, I is “….to recontextualize the human experience in terms of the evolution of consciousness and to integrate a comprehension of both mind and spirit as expressions of the innate Divinity that is the substrate and ongoing source of life and Existence.  This dedication is signified by the statement “Gloria in Excelsis!  Deo!” with which his published works begin and end.”

In his book, The Eye of the I, he writes the following concerning the translation of scriptures; “Any translation that teaches anything other than peace or love is in error.  This is a basic rule and is easy to spot.”  He wrote the following concerning True Teachers; “Earmarks of true teachers are humility, simplicity, lovingness, compassion and peacefulness.  There is no financial charge for conveying truth as there is no interest in money, personal power or gain.  It is irrelevant to a true teacher whether others become followers or join a spiritual group or organization. All are totally free to leave a spiritual group.  There is avoidance of the development of a personality cult.  There is no desire by a true teacher to control others and, therefore, a true teacher has no interest in coercion or persuasion.  Neither does a teacher attempt to appropriate knowledge or force it on others inasmuch as it was freely received.  Therefore, the true teacher is gracious in manner and spirit.  The student of a true teacher is the totality of all mankind.”

Knowledge based of faith and true experience is calm.  It invites rather than tries to convince.  It attracts by virtue of its intrinsic merit and the innate power of the truth itself.  Truth does not rely on force by persuasion or argument; it explains but does not try to convince.”

One of Dr. Hawkins most important discoveries is the Map Of The Scale Of Consciousness.  Everything in our universe radiates energy because everything is energy.  The energy of the field of consciousness is infinite.  Every living thing has an energy field which can be calibrated. 

For many years thousands of practitioners from all over the world have used the Kinesiologic response to treat illness with great reliability and accuracy.  The Kinesiologic response or ‘Muscle Testing’ is a simple “yes” or “no” response to a specific stimulus.  In holistic health it is usually done with the subject holding out an extended arm and the tester pressing down on the wrist of the extended arm.  Using only two fingers the tester presses down on the wrist of the subject.  Usually the subject holds a substance to be tested over their solar plexus.  The tester says to the subject, “Resist,” and if the substance being tested is beneficial, the arm remains strong.  But if the substance is not beneficial or has an adverse effect, the arm will instantly go weak.  The response is very quick and brief.

I have seen this done many times at lectures and on television talk shows.  The subject is holding something in a container over the solar plexus and does not know what is in the container.  When the test is done, the subject’s arm is strong when the container holds a beneficial substance such as vitamin C.  On the other hand, if the container holds something not beneficial such as a toxin, the arm instantly goes weak.  Kinesiology has been documented and studied extensively.  A great book to read about Kinesiology is Your Body Doesn’t Lie published by Warner Books.

For many years the test was thought to be a local response of the body’s acupuncture or immune system.  Later research has shown that the response is not a local response at all, but a general response of consciousness itself to a substance or statement.  That which is true, beneficial, or pro-life gives a positive response which stems from the impersonal field of consciousness that is present in everyone living.  It is also true that the test only works when both tester and subject are integrous.  The tester must phrase the question to be asked in the form 0f a statement that can be answered as ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ and both the tester and subject must also have honorable intentions.

The discovery that the Kinesiologic response is from consciousness itself led to Dr. Hawkins’ Map of the Scale of Consciousness.  Understanding the Scale of Consciousness offers hope for the future of mankind.  One of the profound weaknesses of humankind is our naïve nature and our inability to know truth from falsehood.  History is full of examples of entire nations falling because they could not tell truth from falsehood.

The Map of the Scale of Consciousness gives the world a basis on which to build positive relationships both personal and national. The Map ranges from a scale of 20 which represents shame to 1000 which reflects pure consciousness and enlightenment.  The Map calibrates qualities and emotions ranging from Despising, Miserable and Shame to Perfection and Enlightenment.   Qualities referred to as evil in our society are all qualities which calibrate below the level of 200.   These are qualities such as vengeful, punitive, condemning, vindictive, antagonistic, and hopeless.   Integrity is calibrated at 200.   The qualities of inspiring, enabling, wise, love, harmonious, reason, and acceptance are all above 200, the level of Integrity.   The highest level of human consciousness is 1000.  Jesus Christ calibrated at 1000 while Adolf Hitler calibrated at 40.

Dr. Hawkins teaches that at the level of 200, Integrity, there is actually a physical change that occurs in the brain.   If we understand the Map of the Scale of Consciousness, we can understand why it is futile to attempt negotiating with persons or nations who have not yet reached the level of integrity. If our nation enters into a treaty with a country that has not yet advanced to the level of integrity, the treaty will not be honored.  If, however, a treaty is signed with an integrous nation. the treaty will be honored.

The United States of America calibrates well above the level of integrity as do many other countries.  But there are many countries who have not yet advanced to the level of integrity.  The world is constantly evolving and if we look at the United States over the past 100 years it is easy to see that we as a nation have greatly evolved.   It is not that God does not love those in less evolved countries, but they have not yet evolved to a state of love and peace.  Our nation is well advised to proceed with great caution in their relationships with these countries.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’:  “I highly recommend Dr. Hawkins books.  You will find a copy of the Map Of The Scale Of Consciousness in many of his books.


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