Reconnective Healing and Eric Pearl, Part 2


Dr. Eric Pearl’s book, Reconnective Healing, tells of his journey to learn how to effectively use Reconnective Healing energy.  Dr. Pearl wanted to gain an understanding of the Reconnective Healing that came through him.  People were asking him to teach them how to use Reconnective Healing and he really didn’t understand what it was let alone have an idea how to teach it.   This energy came to him without asking for it or understanding it.  He had always been a firm believer in proven scientific principles so he was eager to work with the scientific community to verify Reconnective Healing.  He also spent several years talking to other healers trying to figure out how to properly use the energy.

Dr. Pearl said he had to go through his life path to gain certain ways of learning. He needed to learn how to speak about things, how to explore them and share them with others.  He also said the more he used the techniques used by other healers, the less healing s took place.

He was told to shake off negative energy to protect himself, to light candles, to use crystals, to approach his patients from a particular side, to use his hands in a particular way, to direct the energy and many more techniques. But the more he practiced these techniques, the less healings took place.

He finally realized he needed to release fear, lack and limitation and step into abundance. The Reconnective energy did not require procedure.  It led by awareness.  It transcends technique.  He needed to step out of technique into love realizing he did not need to protect himself.  He found the answers are always in the inquiry – never in the process.  His role in Reconnective Healing is to be the witness and observer:  He became a catalyst for healing.  His part was to open the door.  The patient’s part is to have the courage to choose to walk through that door.  The Reconnective energy knows its way home.  Dr. Peal realized that his responsibility was to transcend ego enough to allow the energy to find its own path.

Dr. Pearl assures us there is no one great healer on this planet where we need to travel.  There is only one special healer we need to learn to access.  To see who it is…..look in the mirror.


International research and multiple studies show:

1. Healings are instantaneous and,

2.  Tend to be life lasting.

Research has also shown that a body does not heal the way we have been taught which is the Bio-Chemical model.  Of course, we know bio-chemicals do play a role in the process, but the Bio-Chemical model is obsolete. The body heals through Frequency, vibration, energy and entrainment which is communicated through light. Light explains how something can happen in one part of the body and immediately affect another part of the body.  Light waves can be everywhere at once.

Researchers found that DNA emits specific levels of light.   Optimal light levels indicate optimal health.  If our DNA light levels fall below optimal, our health declines. Human DNA light levels are different than other animals.  Our spiritual traditions have always taught that we are beings of light.  Now science is substantiating it.

Six independent studies show that Reconnective Healing heals intentional and non-intentional damage to DNA in plants and humans. Reconnective Healing restructures (or reconnects) DNA and makes the light emissions that come from it more coherent or more harmonious.  These levels of light are a reminder that you and I have the potential of returning to our natural light level.  As we vibrate at the higher level of light, anything denser has nothing to hold on to and these densities and imbalances fall away.

This return of light healing is just that simple and anything more complicated than that such as crystals, wands, ceremonies, symbols in the air, candles are unnecessary. Anything more complicated than that is designed to sell the illusion that we are less than abundantly enough.

Our brains don’t function the way we were taught. Our brains are transducers that receive information from a larger field of information that science now refers to a “Zero Point Field.”  The old beliefs about our brain teach that speech is found in one part of the brain, memory in another, language in another and so on.  But new research proves information is not sitting in compact little areas although the information is found throughout our brains.  In fact, it is not located in the brain to begin with.  Our brains are transducers that receive information from a larger field of information that science today refers to as “Zero Point Field.”

In the late 1800’s science was horrified that otherwise intelligent adults believed in an invisible etheric field. So science set out to disprove it.  Science thought they had disproved it, but ‘the field’ itself didn’t know it was disproved so it came back in the 1920’s. Science again thought they had disproved it.  Now with quantum physics science realizes it is true.  Science is now using it and they have named it “Zero Point Field.”   When you think of someone and all of a sudden they call….you’re in this field.  Healers and psychics play in this field all the time.  Lynn McTaggart has written a fascinating book, The Field which documents the use of the field.

A computer is little more than a box until software in installed. Once software is installed you suddenly get lots of new information from the internet.  Then if you get a software upgrade, you can get even more information from the internet.  What if our brains are the hardware and DNA is the software?  What if studies confirm Reconnective Healing repairs and restores DNA?  What if you find yourself facilitating a human software upgrade to the person with whom you interact?  It allows a change in the DNA because there is a change in the light emission and a change in your awareness of our brains.  We are becoming more multi-dimensional beings.

Many years ago science and religion parted ways. And it appeared as though they were getting farther and farther apart.  But our worlds is round and now we find science and religion are returning from their long journeys to recognize that they didn’t walk away, they walked toward each other with gifts of support.  We are on a journey.  We are evolving and returning to truth and the more truth the more satisfaction.  The reality beyond truth is light.  Light doesn’t blind.  Light is neutral.  It is your interpretation as to whether to blind or whether you allow it to illuminate.  We often experience life as if we do not have a choice, yet we do have a choice.  We live in a free will universe whether we like it or not.

We are standing on the next level of human evolution and all we need to do is witness and observe it to become part of it. Scientists have discovered what they call ‘junk DNA.’  They state we have 2 active strands and 10 inactive strands.  When Dr.Pearl first began his journey of Reconnective Healing, many of his patients while receiving Reconnective Healing would recite to him; “You are here to reconnect strands,” or “you are here to reconnect strings.”  At that time Dr. Pearl did not understand what they meant and his patients surely did not understand what they were saying.  Dr.Pearl now believes Reconnective Healing does affect strands and strings of DNA.  He believes that the third DNA strand is being restored which will make us much stronger.

Right now, humanity experiences three dimensions…..height, width and depth. During the 1950s Einstein tried to convince science of the existence of a fourth dimension… time.  It took until the year 2000 for science to accept that time is moving faster in all directions at once and in fact it is an illusion.

Gary Schwartz Ph.D. and The University of Arizona’s Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health have documented Reconnective Healing as have many scientists internationally. You can learn much more about it on YouTube.  I have written this blog based on my notes from an interview of Dr.  Eric Pearl by Harrison Klein and from Dr. Pearl’s book, Reconnective Healing.  Below is a link to a fascinating article about Reconnective Healing.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’: “I love it when science and spirituality connect.  We truly are beings of light”

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