Energy and Dr. Eric Pearl, Part 1

DNA Image Albert Einstein said; “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  I choose the later.  As I look around, I see miracles abound.  I see many people coming forward in the world who are blessed with the ability to not only see the miracles, but to participate in them.  One of these people is Dr. Eric Pearl.

Dr. Pearl practiced chiropractics, building his business into one of the largest in Los Angeles. One afternoon Gary, a young and healthy man came to be treated for his lifelong back pain.  Dr. Pearl’s office was on the second floor of a building with no elevator.  As Gary came into view he was moving in a series of one-step lunges, pausing between each step.  His right leg was several inches shorter than his left and his right hip was much higher in placement.  Dr. Pearl decided not to go out to help Gary make it up the last couple of steps.  Gary’s face showed the absolute determination of a mountain climber and Dr. Pearl did not want to interfere with Gary’s sense of triumph.

Because of his deformity, Gary swung his right hip outward, and then with an exaggerated limp he would thrust his body forward with each step. His two legs acted as one larger leg as his right foot turned inward and rested atop his left leg balancing his upper body. His back was arched at about 30 degrees so he would not fall over.  He had suffered from childhood with intense back problems.  Gary explained that at the time of his birth, the doctor had cut his umbilical cord too soon interrupting his supply of oxygen.  When his lungs took over, the damage to his brain was affected so that the right side of his body failed to develop symmetrically.

By the age of 14, Gary had visited more than 20 doctors trying to fix his condition. Surgery was performed, but it did not help.  He tried orthopedic shoes and wore leg braces, but still no improvement.  He was troubled with spasms in his right leg which were becoming more and more violent.  Doctors prescribed antispasmodics which didn’t give him relief, but dulled and disoriented him.

He finally ended up in the office of a famous specialist. He had high hope this specialist who was very highly regarded could finally get him the relief he so desperately needed.  His hopes were dashed when the doctor looked him in the eyes and told him there was nothing he could do.  He was told his problems would only get worse as he aged and he would eventually end up in a wheel chair.  Totally dejected Gary “mentally wrote off the medical establishment.”

That was thirteen years ago. Then one day a previous patient suggested Gary might get relief from Dr. Eric Pearl.  Now Gary was in Dr. Pearl’s office with high expectations that he might finally get some relief.  Dr. Pearl took Gary into another room and had him lie down on a table where his neck was adjusted.  He was then instructed to return in 48 hours for a reevaluation.

Gary returned as scheduled and again Dr. Pearl had him lie on the table where he quickly gave him an adjustment.  This time, however, Gary was asked to relax and close his eyes…….and not to open them until Dr. Pearl instructed him to do so.  Dr. Pearl brought his hands, palms down about a foot over Gary’s torso.  He moved his hands until he held them over his temples.  He then moved his hands to Gary’s feet.  Gary was having very strong reactions to the energy he was feeling pouring into his body through Dr. Pearl.  His eyes although closed began darting, His foot began pumping and rotating.  Dr. Pearl gently placed his hands on Gary’s right hip.  Gary’s right foot began to move again in a pumping fashion, and then rotating in and out, in and out.

Dr. Pearl waited and when the movement stopped, he removed his hands from Gary’s hip. Then gently touched him saying; “Gary?  I think we’re finished.”   After about thirty seconds, Gary opened his eyes.  Dr. Pearl writes in his book, THE RECONNECTION; “Gary looked a little dazed.  ‘My foot was moving’ he told me, as if I hadn’t seen it.  ‘I could feel it, but I couldn’t stop it.  I felt really hot all over, then I felt some kind of energy building up in my right calf.  Then…’ll think its crazy, but it felt as if invisible hands were turning my foot, yet it didn’t feel like hands at all.”

“You can stand up now,” I said, doing my best not to appear nonplused, yet still trying to take it all in myself. Gary stood up – for the first time in his 26 years – six feet tall, with two independent legs. “

“I watched in grateful amazement as Gary stood there; His spine was straight, and his hips were level and balanced. His expression began to reflect his own understanding of what had just happened.  As he took a couple of tentative steps, I could tell that a bit of the limp remained, but nothing like the lurching leg-swing of before.  Not even close.  Gary left my office with an enormous smile on his face, and I watched him walk gracefully down the steps.”

As Dr. Pearl began working with this energy that began manifesting through him, he found that many of his patients were having amazing healings, they saw colors they had never seen before, several were repeating phrases to Dr. Pearl which he did not understand, many felt the presence of others in the room, still others experienced healings of those close to them after being treated by Dr. Pearl. This began happening in the early 90’s and since then there have been many prestigious studies on Reconnective Healing and the healing of DNA.  I recommend Dr. Eric Pearl’s book, THE RECONNECTION, Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’; “We live at the dawn of a great new age where miracles are happening all around us. If we look for them we will see them.”

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