What’s Up With Your Vibes?

The Sun sings OM

Everything is energy!  You are a bundle of electric energy and so am I.  Energy vibrates.  The energy in a rock vibrates at a different rate than living things like grass.  But the fact is everything is vibrating energy.  We are living at a time when amazing information is coming to the forfront.  Much of this information is ancient and has been hidden from our understanding for centuries.   We are just beginning to understand our energetic patterns and the effect vibrations and their sound sounds have on us.

Years ago, I read about Dr. Royal Rife.  Doctor Rife discovered that desease organisms or pathogens naturally vibrated at particular frequencies.  He studied these organisms and determined the vibrational signature of them.  He believed if he could replicate this vibration and turn up the magnitude he could shatter the cell membranes of any pathogens and cure the desease.  This is similar to an opera singer shattering a crystal glass by singing the correct high note.  In 1933, Dr Rife invented and patented his Universal Microscope.  His microscope had 5,862 parts that used crystal lens, prisms and polarized light to create magnification of 25,000 times.  This microscope is unlike electron microscopes that kill viruses when they broadcast electrons at them.  Since Rife’s Universal Microscope did not harm the viruses, he was the first human to ever see a live virus.

Dr Rife used this technique to destroy the cell membranes of tuberculosis and typhoid cells in his laboratory.  In 1934 a medical study was conducted at the University of Southern California in which sixteen termanilly ill cancer patients were treated with his machine called a “frequency generator.”  This “frequency generator” beamed a radio sound wave of a particular frequency at each patient for three minutes daily.  After three months fourteen of the patients had completely recovered.  The other two patients continued treatment for three additional months, after which they also were completely healed.  These sixteen patients were given up for dead by medical experts.  Dr. Rife’s treatment had cured all sixteen patients.

Surprisingly, the medical community was not supportive of Dr. Rife.  The AMA under the direction of Dr. Morris Fishbein led a campaign to ban the use of Dr. Rife’s “frequency generator.”  Dr. Rife was devastated by the continual attacks on his research.  Arsonists burned his laboratory.   His papers and films were stolen  and his microscope was vandalized and parts were stolen.  Dr Rife’s Universal Microscope is on display at the Smithsonian Musium in Washington DC.

The renowned scientist Nikola Telsa said; “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Today science is discovering the vibrational signatures of many new and ancient modalities including mantras, the sun, water, minerals, our hearts, our brains, our music and much more.  We are affected by energetic vibrations around us.  But nothing affects us as profoundly as the vibrations emited from our sun.

Our heart is an electrical organ.  Magnotrometrs can detect a 360 degree circle of magnetic energy surrounding our bodies eminating from our heart.  This circle goes out three to four feet.  The Menniger Clinic in Houston, Texas, has measured it from ten to twelve feet.  The electrical voltage of most adult humans is less than one volt and fluctuates between 30 to 100  millivolts.  Children range from 5 to 31 millivolts.  It is interesting to know that persons with medical conditions such as MS  measure from 5 to 9 millivolts while healers and telepaths range  up to 250 Mllivolts.

I read of a Russian Scientist who was measuring the voltage of accupuncture points when he saw a spike in the voltage.  He noted the exact time of the spike and later discovered the spike correlated with a solar flare.  It takes 8.3 minutes for a solar flare to be seen.  The spike was similtaneous with the flare.

Our bodies are approximately 90% water.  So it can be said we are liquid super crystal antennaes.  We are actually breathing electrons from the sun and transforming them into oxygen.  The beaming central frequency of the sun is 528 hertz.  Interestingly scientists are now proving that our bodies actually heal DNA when exposed to 528 hertz.  A blade of green grass vibrates at 528 hertz.  We’ve learned if we raise our voltage we can heal much more quickly.

The sound of vibrations emited by the sun cannot be heard by the human ear.  But NASA scientists have assigned tones to the vibrations and the song the sun seems to be singing is om.   The ancients knew we could raise our vibration through om meditations.

The universe communicates through intersteller sound and vibration.   Max Plank, the father of quantum physics said; “All mater originates and exists only by virtue of a force.  We must assume behind this force is the existance of a couscious mind.  This mind is the matrix of all mater.”  I love it when science and spiritality meld.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin; “We are surrounded by a universe that supports us, loves us and is equally available to all.”


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