The Eagle and the Condor

Over many centuries the story of the Eagle and the Condor has been held as a prophecy by indigenous peoples all around the world from the monasteries in the Himalayas to the depths of the Amazon to the peaks of the Andes and into the Mayan cities of Central America.  The prophecy states that the eagle and the condor at one time flew together in harmony in the skies.  The eagle represents the brain… masculine, science, the rational and material.  The condor represents the heart……feminine, intuitive, nature.  The prophecy states in the 1490’s the paths of the condor and eagle would converge and the eagle would drive the condor to the verge of extinction and the eagle would dominate.  In fact the condor did become almost extinct.   The prophecy continues five Hundred years would pass until a new age would begin.  At which time the eagle and the condor will have the opportunity to fly together along the same path and the Earth will awaken to a new consciousness.

There are many interpretations to this prophecy.  Many including myself see this prophecy being fulfilled in the melding and balancing of the masculine and the feminine.  When we look at the state of our world, it is easy to see the masculine has been allowed to overshadowed the feminine.  Now is the time to bring back balance.  This is a time to nurture our earth and honor our hearts and intuition.  The intellect is limited and balance cannot be achieved through the intellect alone.  Our brain and heart, science and nature, rational and intuitive must be in balance for Earth to evolve to a new age of consciousness.

Another interpretation relates to the settling of North America.  In the 1490’s Columbus discovered North America.  Many believe the colonists represent the attributes of the eagle in the settlement of North America.  The native Indians are said to represent the attributes of the Condor.  The native Indians numbered in the millions when the first colonists arrived but were down to less than 300,000 within four hundred years.  North Americans have given honor and privilege to the intellect while neglecting nature.  By failing to recognize we are part of Mother Nature our world grew out of balance.  We are dependent on the Earth, the sun, and water for our very existence.  It is time to balance the intellect and nature.  The indigenous people have continued to honor Mother Nature and understand they are part of the Earth but they have not shared in the blessings the intellect has brought.  It is time for the eagle and the condor to fly together.  When we journey together and share the best of our cultures Earth will evolve.

I think it’s a beautiful prophecy and I’m sure there are many other interpretations of it, but it gives us much to think about, doesn’t it?

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