How beautiful, nurishing and essential is water.  There is nothing softer, or more comforting than water and yet…..there is nothing more powerful or unrelenting as water.

Several years ago I read about a doctor who was imprisoned because of political unrest in his country.  He was imprisoned with many other political prisoners.  The prisoners were not fed properly or given medical treatment or medical supplies.  This brave doctor did his best to treat his comrades with his understanding of anatomy and the only medicine at his disposal….water.  He found he could successfully treat almost any medical condition using only water by changing the temperature and amount given at various times during treatment.  It is amazing what he accomplished.  It also points out the power of positive thoughts in creating the quality of our lives.

Some amazing studies have been done by Mr. Masaru Emoto.  His work is documented in his book, “The Message from Water”.  He has proven our thoughts affect everything in and around us.  Human vibrational energy affects the molecular structure of water.  Our bodies are like sponges composed of trillions of chambers (cells) that hold liquid.  The quality of our lives is directly correlated to the quality of our water.

Mr. Emoto has photographed water crystals.  The crystalline structures  from pure spring water  and Antarctic ice are beautiful geometric patterns.   Polluted water forms distorted, randomly formed crystalline structures.  Pictures  of polluted water after prayer show a return to beautifully formed geometric patterns.

Mr Emoto took distilled water and placed it between two speakers.   He played music for several hours.  The water was then frozen and pictures were taken.  The water crystals subjected to Beethoven’s Pastorale formed beautiful geometric patterns while the water subjected to heavy metal music formed jagged, random patterns.

Distilled water was placed in glass jars and left over night with computer generated messages or names of deceased persons taped to the bottles.  Again, the water was frozen and photographed.  The structures of the crystals with “Thank you” and “Love and appreciation” were stunningly beautiful.  The water with the message, “You make me sick, I will Kill You”  formed random,  deformed patterns.  The water labelled Mother Theresa formed a simple beautiful geometric structure while the water with the name Adolph Hitler generated dark random crystals.

Mr. Emoto’s work is awesome.  We can heal and transform ourselves and our world by the power of our thoughts and the way we put those thoughts into action.  Love and appreciation are not just pleasant thoughts.  They are powerful forces in the creation of our world.  Enjoy the pleasure of water, bless it, be thankful for it and see the hand of God in  it.


For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’

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Earlynn is a spunky mother, grandmother and yes, even a great grandmother. I have always been drawn to things spiritual from the time I was very young. Over the years I have read, studied and prayed that God would use me to bring comfort to troubled minds. That is my purpose more than anything else, but along the way I have also lived a very happy life. I love my family....5 children, 5 inlaws, 18 grandkids and four great grandkids. I am a master cake decorator, I love gardening, I am passionate about health and nutrition. I love parties and gatherings of family and friends. I love cooking and at least twice each year I host dinner for 50. I love writing, teaching and public speaking. I love my sweetheart. We met when we were only 10 years old and will soon celebrate our 50th anniversary. Everything I do is centered on my spiritual beliefs and I know love is the answer to all of life's problems. Join me on my web site as we explore many ideas, laugh a little and love a lot.
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