God Bless The Story Tellers

thumbnailGod bless the story tellers.  We all need a good laugh now and then and we love those who can tell a funny story.   I ran across this story the other day and was so amused, I decided to share it with you.

In rural areas of the South there are rivers spanned by drawbridges.   As large boats approach these drawbridges, they sound their whistles to signal the drawbridge operators to draw up the bridge allowing them to pass through. As the story goes, Ernie, a drawbridge operator was running for political office.  On this particular afternoon one of Ernie’s campaign volunteers was going door to door trying to drum up support for Ernie.   He came to the door of Floyd, a longtime resident and farmer.  When asked if Ernie could count on Floyd’s support getting elected, Floyd responded: “Well, you remember that prize bull I used to have?  One day I looked in the barn and there’s that bull lying down actin’ strange.  So I went to the vet and he gave me some medicine, and he said it had to be put in the bull’s rectum.  I took the medicine home but I couldn’t find a funnel.  So I seen this old army bugle hangin’ on a nail in the barn and I used that.  Only problem was that before I could get that bugle out, my bull passed some gas and made a loud toot on that bugle.  Well sir, that scairt my bull somethin’ awful and he busted out of the stall, made another toot, then busted through the fence and went runnin’ down the road.  He went down the road, runnin’ and tootin’ towards the drawbridge that Ernie runs.  That fool old man opened the bridge as my bull ran across it and the bull fell in the river and drowned.  Now,” Floyd said, “Do you think I could vote for a man that’s run that bridge for so many years but don’t know the difference between a boat whistle and a bull blowin’ a bugle out his butt?”

 old bugle

Kinda’ reminds me of some of the politicians we’ve got.  They go around tootin’ their horns and all the while they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

For now, Earlynn’s just saying: “Take time out to see the humor all around and don’t take yourself too seriously.  All this craziness will soon pass.”


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