E Pluribus Unum

Out of many - OneThe motto of the United States of America is e pluribus unum.  Which translates to mean “Out of many, one.”  Have you ever thought how this motto applies to our human body?  The harmony displayed at the celular level is truly remarkable.  Each cell is an individual, yet all behave and support one another.

Unity does not translate to uniformity.  A heart cell does not physically or functionally look or act like a liver cell which does not look or act like a cell in your eye.  Each cell has its own needs and performs its own function.  While these cells together form our body, they are divided into uniquely different tissues and organs.  Each contributes a task, talent or mission that supports the body’s survival.

Built into the cell membrane, (the skin that surrounds each cell) are protien perimiters that deliniate territories.  Within each of these membrane boundaries are selected populations of proteins that carry out specific functions.  According to Bruce H Lipton, PH.D, if these protein territories were stained using different color dyes, their groupings in the membrane of the spherical cell would resemble the outlines of national territories on a global map.

In his book, Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton  states:  “Observing the day-to-day operations of our celular citizens may come as a blow to our collective ego because just about everything we humans do, including the development of technology, our cells did first and, to this very day, still do better.

For example, cells have:

  • A research and development system that creates technology and manufactures biochemical equivalents of steel cables, plywood, ferroconcrete, electronic circuitry, and high speed computer networks
  • A monetary system that pays cells according to the importance of the work they do and stores excess profits in comunity banks.
  • An environmental system that provides air and water purification treatment that is more technologically advanced than humans have ever imagined.  Ditto for the heating and cooling system.
  • An exceedingly complex and extremely fast communication system, like the internet, that sends zip-coded messages directly to individual cells.
  • A criminal justice system that detains, imprisons, rehabilitates, and yes, in a Kevorkian way, even assists with the suicide of destructive cells.
  • Full health-care that makes sure each cell gets all it needs to stay healthy.
  • An immune system that protects the cells and the body like a dedicated National Guard.”

Cells that propagate an organ may look different and live by different rules than neighboring cells just across the organ’s border.  But the valuable work the different organs perform and the overall health of the body has more to do with their differnces than their similarities.

Each nation and culture on the globe is the equivalent of a tissue or organ in the super-organism referred to as humanity.  Each nation contributes to the economy of the whole of humanity.  Many nations see other nations as rivals.  In fact it seems some would prefer making others simply disappear off the face of the globe.  If that behavior occured within our body, the result would be catastrophic.  Imagine organs taking sides with the intention of banishing other organs?   What organ can you do without?  It seems rediculous, but in the current state of our world, it appears that is exactly what’s happening.

An important lesson we learn from observing the body is that survival is based on  cooperation not competition within the whole.  Our various tissues and organs are very different from one another, but it is those differences that make the body healthy.  And so it is with the nations around the globe.  Peace will come when we recognize each nation has its talents, resources and abilities which can enhance the well being of the whole.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’:  “Yes, our bodies are truly an amazing community.  A community where “Out of Many – One……e pluribus unum.”


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