Can a Male Dominated Worldview Create Heaven on Earth?

YINYANGWe’ve all seen versons of the Chinese Yin Yang.  The symbol represents balance.  The light portion, the Yang, represents the sun while the dark portion, the Yin, represents the moon and universe.  Yang is like man and Yin is like woman.  Yang could not grow without Yin and Yin could not give birth without Yang.  Yin begins at Summer Solstice and Yang begins at Winter Solstice.  Although it represents two separate entities, black and white, each contains the seed of the other.  These opposite seeds represent the Winter Solstice in Yin and Summer Solstice in Yang.  It’s an interesting symbol, but where did it originate?

The ancient Chinese observed the sky and recorded the changes they noticed.  They determined the direction of the sunrise as East.  Sunset is West.  The direction of the shortest shadow is South and the direction of the longest shadow is North.

They noticed seasonal changes seemed directed by the Big Dipper.  When the dipper pointed East it was Spring.  It was Summer, when it pointed South.   It was Fall when the dipper pointed West and Winter came when it pointed North.

In observing the cycle of the Sun, the ancient Chinese used a very simple divice, an eight foot pole posted at a right angle to the ground.   They drew six concentric circles around the pole and marked them with 24 segmented points.  The length of the pole’s shadow was recorded every day.  The shortest shadow is Summer Solstice while the longest shadow is Winder Solstice.  It was determined the length of a year is about 365.25 days.  The Sun Chart revealed by connecting these markings is a Yin Yang, the ancient Chinese representation of the yearly cycle of the Sun and four seasons.

Nature is amazing.  It is life afffirming.  I believe the message of the Yin Yang is that humanity will prosper when we learn to bring into balance male and female.   We’ve been programmed to think our world is a battleground with  progressive versus conservative; competition versus cooperation; science versus religion; growth versus protection; spirit versus matter; the eagle versus the condor and many more versuses.  After 5,000 years of dominator programming, the battle of the sexes is taken as a given, with, of course, the man on top.  This dominator story makes no sense at all.  When a sperm and egg unite to create a new life, does one defeat the other?  Of course not, they either work together or they don’t work at all.  In the center of all Earth’s imbalances is the seed of unity and balance.

Males and females may look very different physically, but internally both males and females have masculine and feminine hormones.  We must evolve to an integrated worldview where both masculine and feminine principles are in full balance.  I believe it is the key to the birth of a new humanity an age of “Heaven on Earth.”.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’; “Honor the differences between the masculine and the feminine but remember a heaven on Earth will come from our balance and unity.”

Yin Yang Year

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