Science is Evolving

One of the most interesting of the new “energy sciences” is epigenetics, developed by the renowned cellular biologist, Bruce H. Lipton.DNA Strand

Epigenetics has proved that DNA by itself, if inactivated, is no more than unrealized potential.  It does not and cannot orchestrate the unfolding of a biological organism.  Epigenetics further discovered that expression of genes is controlled, to a large extent by the energetic choices we make such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and decisions – mere “soft” concepts in the eyes of mainstream science.

Dawson Church in The Genie in Your Genes, helps clarify the findings of Bruce H Lipton.  He points out that genes can be compared to individual musicians and their instruments in a symphony orchestra.  The instruments remain un-plucked and un-strummed until the introduction of intellegent energy.  That intellegent energy is the conductor.  The conductor tells the various musicians when to play their instruments and when to remain silent.   The conductor calls the tune.   Without the conductor there would be no music, just chaotic sound or silence.

When it comes to your genes, the ‘conductor’ is crucial.  And that conductor is YOU – your consciousness, your emotions and the energy you call upon in your life.  It turns out that you can control the expression of your genes by the way you live and the choices you make.  Beliefs, spiritual practices, attitudes, intentions and the moods you choose to cultivate all have a demonstratable effect on the expression of your ‘hard’ genetic code.  The energy of love and nurturance literally unlock different genes and create different kinds of organizsms than do the energies of fear and neglect.  It is no longer scientifically correct to say, “It’s all in the DNA.”   Yes, it is in the DNA, but even more so it is in the way genes are selectively expressed (or suppressed)  through the “soft” energetic choices we make.  We, ourselves,  run the show.

Psychology is finally responding to the human energy movement.  Energy Psychology recognizes that we are first and foremost energetic beings and while traditional therapy can be beneficial, it is the disruptions in  our energy fields that are immediately responsible for negative emotions we experience.  The best results in eleviating emotional stress and trauma are achieved when EFT (tapping) is combined with traditional talk therapy.

Tapping or EFT (Emotional Feedom Technique) is now being widely used by energy psychologists to treat energy patterns directly.  Phobias and self-destructive thinking paterns often permanently disapear after one or a few treatment sessions.  Practitioners are able to achieve remarkable results reducing the effects of stress and trauma for people who have been through incredible traumatic situations.  Tapping has been introduced to those experiencing trauma from Newtown, Connecticut and survivors of the Rowandan genocide with great success.

EFT (Emotional Freedome Technique) or tapping are self-administered techniques that can be done either alone or under the supervision of a trained meridian tapping therapist to relieve negative emotional patterns.  The premise of tapping is that “All negative emotions are a result of a disruption in the body’s energy system.

The primary tapping points are located on the side of the hand, the inner eyebrow, the outer-eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, the colarbone and under the arm and at the very top of the head.  There are some great books about tapping.  I recommend Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping, by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

Above is a Youtube video showing Bruce H. Lipton, developer of Epegenetics.

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’:  “The new energy science is exciting.  I love it when science proves what we have all known in our hearts.”

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