The greatest challenge we face as human beings is the taming of the ego.  This goes for our personal lives as well as collectively around the world.  Our individual world is a microcosm of the world.  When we individually tame our ego, so it will be in the world.  Ego believes in seperation and scarcity.  It does not understand we are one and it preaches scarcity.  Therefore, I am justified in getting what I can at your expense.  The ego loves being right and will go to great lengths to prove it is so.  Because if I am right, someone else is has to be wrong.  That strengthens the ego’s feeling of superiority.  Ego is constantly judging others.

It is said that ego controls our thinking 60 to 80 percent of the time.  It does not understand the benefit of being still and quieting the mind through meditation.  It seeks to keep our mind occupied with constant, repetitive and non-productive chatter.  Eckhart Tolle writes; “Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realize this because everybody is suffering from it, so it is considered normal.”

Many associate so closely with thinking that they mistakenly believe they are their thoughts.  But we are not our thoughts.  Our true essence is our Spirit, or Higher Self.  We experience our Higher Self in silence.  Often we’ve heard and have probably said;  “I can’t turn off my thoughts….they’re driving me crazy.”  It’s then we realize our thoughts are seperate from our Higher Self as thoughts endlessly and aimlessly parade through our mind.  Eckhart Tolle also wrote; “Many people live with a tormentor in their head that continuously attacks and punishes them and drains them of vital energy.  It is the cause of untold misery and unhappiness, as well as of desease.”

In this world of duality we are three aspects in one…..mind, body and spirit.  Our true essence is our soul, or our Higher Self, but the mind is often controlled by our ego.  Our Higher Self is the witness to the thinking of the mind.  Our higher Self longs for peace, love, and stillness.  With practice we can stop the constant thinking long enough to feel the calm peaceful essence of our Higher Self.  True creativity happens when stillness in interspersed with deliberate thought.

If we are to overcome the ego and experience our Higher Self, we need to find time to sit quietly and allow our minds to become still.  Our Higher Self, that spark of divine within longs to be kind, loving, peaceful and supportive.  But at times our ego gets the better of us and we create a false mind-made self that casts a shadow of fear and suffering.  The following quote really touched my heart:

“I came out alone on my way to my trist.  But who is this me in the dark?  I move aside to avoid his presence but I escape him not.  He makes the dust rise from the earth with his swagger; He adds his loud voice to every word I utter.  He is my own little self, my lord, he knows no shame;  But I am ashamed to come to thy door in his company.”  Rabindranath Tagore

For now, Earlynn’s just sayin’  “I pray we have the courage to let our Higher Self be in control always and in all ways.  The whole world benefits when we individually tune in to our Higher Self.”


About Earlynn

Earlynn is a spunky mother, grandmother and yes, even a great grandmother. I have always been drawn to things spiritual from the time I was very young. Over the years I have read, studied and prayed that God would use me to bring comfort to troubled minds. That is my purpose more than anything else, but along the way I have also lived a very happy life. I love my family....5 children, 5 inlaws, 18 grandkids and four great grandkids. I am a master cake decorator, I love gardening, I am passionate about health and nutrition. I love parties and gatherings of family and friends. I love cooking and at least twice each year I host dinner for 50. I love writing, teaching and public speaking. I love my sweetheart. We met when we were only 10 years old and will soon celebrate our 50th anniversary. Everything I do is centered on my spiritual beliefs and I know love is the answer to all of life's problems. Join me on my web site as we explore many ideas, laugh a little and love a lot.
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